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首先我们有请  Leon Lee  来为我们详细解答下关于 Only1 的问题哈~

First of all, we have asked  Leon Lee   to answer our questions about Only1 in detail.

1、请嘉宾 Leon Lee介绍一下自己和 Only1 平台可以给大家简单介绍一下吗?

1.Please introduce yourself and the Only1 platform to the Chinese community?

Ans: Hello all, I’m Leon, Founder & CEO of Only1. I was trained as a genetic engineer at Imperial College London, then worked in tech ever since. Since early 2017 ICOs, I’ve been exploring opportunities to build projects in the crypto space.  Earlier this year, I’ve noticed a surge in NFT drops and that’s when I came up with the idea behind Only1 – building a decentralized social media platform leveraging NFT technologies.  

As the first NFT-powered decentralized social media platform on Solana, Only1 helps creators monetize without third parties via creator staking pools. Our native token and NFTs grant holders unique access to the creators, ability to govern the platform and rewarded for doing so.

大家好,我是 Only1 的创始人兼 CEO Leon。 我在伦敦帝国理工学院接受过基因工程师培训,从那时起就从事技术工作。 自 2017 年初 ICO 以来,我一直在探索在加密领域构建项目的机会。 今年早些时候,我注意到 NFT 下降的激增,那时我想出了 Only1 背后的想法——利用 NFT 技术构建一个去中心化的社交媒体平台。

作为 Solana 上第一个由 NFT 驱动的去中心化社交媒体平台,Only1 通过创作者权益池帮助创作者在没有第三方的情况下获利。 我们的原生代币和 NFT 授予持有者对创作者的独特访问权限、管理平台的能力并因此获得奖励。

2、您能介绍下Only1 INO 具体工作机制?并且Only1 INO 有何优势?

2.Could you please introduce the specific working mechanism of Only1 INO? And what are the advantages of Only1 INO?

Ans: Sure! An Initial NFT Offering, or “INO” , is a new cryptocurrency crowdfunding innovation — based on the concept of Initial Coin Offering (ICO) — that involves offering a set of limited edition NFTs for sale via the Only1 INO Launchpad. Projects who launched on Only1 INO can benefit from an early community building, high investment returns as well as all-inclusive technical support from Only1’s dev team. As for the perks for our own INO NFTs the ONES, holders becomes DAO members and have voting rights for Only1’s future development and regulation, they will also be rewarded by the governance fund which are royalties from future INOs.

答:当然! 初始 NFT 产品或“INO”是一种新的加密货币众筹创新——基于初始硬币产品 (ICO) 的概念——涉及通过 Only1 INO Launchpad 提供一组限量版 NFT 进行销售。 在 Only1 INO 上启动的项目可以受益于早期的社区建设、高投资回报以及来自 Only1 开发团队的全方位技术支持。 至于我们自己的 INO NFT ONES 的特权,持有者成为 DAO 成员并拥有对 Only1 未来发展和监管的投票权,他们还将获得治理基金的奖励,这是来自未来 INO 的特许权使用费。

3、我们知道 Only1 是建立在 Solana 上的 NFT 社交平台,您如何看待现在 NFT 赛道的发展现状,这一赛道未来的发展方向、应用场景在哪里?

3.We know that Only1 is an NFT social platform built on Solana. What do you think of the current development status of the NFT track, where is the future development direction and application scenarios of this track?

Ans: This is a good question. There has been a huge surge in NFT drops since the beginning of the year. Fast forward to today, there are >30 drops today across different chains, NFT is no longer a “Scarce” type of collectible. That’s why we think the way forward with NFT is that it should be utility-driven, instead of being a collectible (aka a jpeg/png), NFT should be part of a feature which enables holders to unique and sustainable rewards/perks; and that forms the backbone of our product features.

答:这是个好问题。 自今年年初以来,NFT 的跌幅大幅增加。 快进到今天,今天在不同的链上有超过 30 次掉落,NFT 不再是“稀缺”类型的收藏品。 这就是为什么我们认为 NFT 的前进方向是它应该是效用驱动的,而不是作为收藏品(又名 jpeg/png),NFT 应该成为使持有者能够获得独特且可持续的奖励/特权的功能的一部分; 这构成了我们产品功能的支柱。

4、NFT 领域今年以来迎来了飞速的发展,比如包括收藏、交易平台、游戏、域名、社交等在内的不同赛道都涌现出了很多项目,专注于 NFT 社交领域出现了 WAHLE、Showtime、Chililz 等项目,与这些项目相比,Only1 的特点和差异化优势在哪里?

4.The NFT field has ushered in rapid development this year. For example, many projects have emerged on different tracks including collections, trading platforms, games, domain names, social, etc., focusing on the NFT social field, WAHLE, Showtime, Chililz, etc. Compared with these projects, what are the characteristics and differentiated advantages of Only1?

Ans: Yes, time is critical in the crypto space. And it makes sense that projects are emerging in lightning speed since there are so much potential and application for blockchain and NFTs. One thing that makes Only1 different is that we are all about synergy and collective efforts. We are constantly contributing to the chain by suggesting, communicating and even co-building technical updates/patches with Solana dev team; we also built the INO launchpad to help potential projects fundraise. Other than that, we pride ourselves with unique & state-of-the-art product, and a strong team that innovates and delivers.

答:是的,时间在加密领域至关重要。 项目以闪电般的速度出现是有道理的,因为区块链和 NFT 有如此多的潜力和应用。 使 Only1 与众不同的一件事是,我们都注重协同作用和集体努力。 我们通过建议、沟通甚至与 Solana 开发团队共同构建技术更新/补丁,不断为链做出贡献; 我们还建立了 INO 启动板来帮助潜在项目筹款。 除此之外,我们以独特和最先进的产品以及创新和交付的强大团队而自豪。

5、您如何看待粉丝经济和 NFT 社交之间的关系?Only1 是如何把这两点结合在一起的?

5.What do you think of the relationship between fan economy and NFT social networking? How does Only1 combine these two points?

Ans: In the current social landscape, creators often have to go through middle-man to sell merchandise, paid advertisements, shout-outs, 帶貨or other form of partnerships to monetize; while users support their favorite creators via buying products/services they endorse, most of the time, only a small portion of the money spent is received by the creators. Our innovation through NFT aim to cut out the need for these middle-man. Only1 do so by leveraging 2 novel NFT applications: Genesis-NFT & Content-NFT farming. On Only1’s platform, users can stake their $LIKE tokens on individual creators and each creator’s APY will adjust according to their activities on the platform. And by holding the creator’s Genesis-NFT, you can also earn a small % of the staking pool’s APY. Holding Content-NFTs can also earn you a split of the content unlocking fees paid by other users. Finally, there will be a lottery system for unlocking content.  

Through this new creator economy, the more active the creator is, the more rewards he/she will receive, we call this Create-to-earn (C2E); whereas users can earn by staking in creators staking pool as well as owning Genesis-NFT & Content NFTs.

Ans:在当前的社会环境下,创作者往往需要通过中间人来销售商品、付费广告、喊话、带货或其他形式的合作伙伴来获利;虽然用户通过购买他们认可的产品/服务来支持他们最喜欢的创作者,但在大多数情况下,创作者只会收到一小部分花费的钱。我们通过 NFT 进行的创新旨在消除对这些中间人的需求。只有 1 通过利用 2 个新颖的 NFT 应用程序来做到这一点:Genesis-NFT 和 Content-NFT 农业。在 Only1 的平台上,用户可以将他们的 $LIKE 代币质押在个人创作者身上,每个创作者的 APY 将根据他们在平台上的活动进行调整。并且通过持有创建者的 Genesis-NFT,您还可以赚取 staking pool 的一小部分 APY。持有 Content-NFT 还可以让你分得其他用户支付的内容解锁费用。最后,将会有一个用于解锁内容的抽奖系统。

通过这个新的创造者经济,创造者越活跃,他/她得到的奖励就越多,我们称之为创造赚取(C2E);而用户可以通过质押创作者质押池以及拥有 Genesis-NFT 和内容 NFT 来赚取收益。

6、对于创作者来说,如何在 Only1 平台上铸造 NFT?如何吸引更多创作者来 Only1 平台进行 NFT 作品的铸造?

6. For creators, how to cast NFT on Only1 platform? How to attract more creators to the Only1 platform to cast NFT works?

Ans: Content Creators are vital to our platform, they are practically our co-creators. That’s why we provide the simplest and seamless on-boarding process for creators; all they have to do is to pass KYC, upload a nice profile picture & description, connect Phantom Wallet (We can provide a visual guide on how to obtain a phantom wallet) AND you a good to go! Only1 team will then mint a Genesis-NFT on your behalf and put it in your profile. Similar process apply for Content-NFTs. 

For now, we are focusing on creators from a few verticals, namely music, sports and esports. The team is working hard to form partnerships with other projects, renowned agencies and individual celebrities in order to on-board creators. We do get a lot of referrals and connections from our investors and friends from the space.

答:内容创作者对我们的平台至关重要,他们实际上是我们的共同创作者。 这就是为什么我们为创作者提供最简单、无缝的入职流程; 他们所要做的就是通过 KYC,上传漂亮的个人资料图片和描述,连接 Phantom Wallet(我们可以提供有关如何获得 Phantom 钱包的视觉指南),然后您就可以开始了! Only1 团队将代表您创建一个 Genesis-NFT 并将其放入您的个人资料中。 类似的过程适用于 Content-NFT。

目前,我们专注于几个垂直领域的创作者,即音乐、体育和电子竞技。 团队正在努力与其他项目、知名机构和个人名人建立合作伙伴关系,以吸引创作者。 我们确实从该领域的投资者和朋友那里获得了很多推荐和联系。

7、对于社区用户来说,如何在 Only1 进行 NFT 作品之间的交易?是竞价模式还是创作者统一定价模式?

7. For community users, how to trade between NFT works in Only1? Is it a bidding model or a unified pricing model for creators?

Ans: We are currently working hard on building our own marketplace, which allows unified pricing at beta stage. Bidding model will be built at a later stage.

我们目前正在努力建立我们自己的市场,允许在测试阶段统一定价。 招标模型将在后期建立。

8、相比于其他公链,Only1 为什么会选择加入 Solana 生态?Only1 在 Solana 生态中的定位是什么?

Compared with other public chains, why did Only1 choose to join the Solana ecosystem? What is the positioning of Only1 in the Solana ecosystem?

Ans: I think we can all agree that Solana is the most scalable blockchain to date. It’s ability to process bulk transactions at lightning speed with low or even negligible transaction costs are what makes it the optimal choice to provide seamless and instant social engagement.

Ans:我想我们都同意 Solana 是迄今为止最具可扩展性的区块链。 它能够以闪电般的速度处理大宗交易,交易成本低甚至可以忽略不计,这使其成为提供无缝和即时社交参与的最佳选择。

9、关于价值捕获方面,Only1 的代币经济模型是如何设计的,如何去激励用户长期持有代9币,代币有哪些应用场景?

9.How is Only1's token economic model designed, how to motivate users to hold tokens for a long time, and what are the application scenarios of tokens?

Ans: Our tokenomics is as follow. As you can see, we have a long vesting schedule for most pools, especially community. This allow us to balance our token in/out flow in the long run. Our tokens have multiple utility:  

1. Transactions in our Marketplace for Genesis NFTs, Content NFTS 

2. Staking on creators staking pool 

3. Other social features including Paid DM 

4. DAO governance

Ans:我们的代币经济学如下。 如您所见,我们对大多数矿池,尤其是社区,都有很长的归属时间表。 从长远来看,这使我们能够平衡我们的代币输入/输出流量。 我们的代币有多种用途:

1. Genesis NFT 市场中的交易,内容 NFTS

2. 质押创作者质押池


4. DAO 治理

10、Only1 接下来会有哪些计划?对未来市场和Only1有什么期望?

10. What plans will Only1 have? What are your expectations for the future market and Only1?

Ans: We have big plans for Only1! There may or may not be an INO coming up, who knows? Follow our socials for the latest news! As mentioned before, crypto is a fast-moving industry, we are now focusing on shipping more features while the team is out reaching influencers/creators from different verticals. What would you like to see most from Only1? What are your expectation for Only1? Let us know!!

Ans:我们对 Only1 有很大的计划! 可能会或可能不会出现 INO,谁知道呢? 关注我们的社交媒体以获取最新消息! 如前所述,加密是一个快速发展的行业,我们现在专注于发布更多功能,同时团队正在接触来自不同垂直领域的影响者/创作者。 你最想从 Only1 看到什么? 您对 Only1 有什么期望? 让我们知道!!

1、Question: INow the vast majority of NFT still stay at the level of art collection, liquidity is relatively poor, this problem, what do you think?

Yup, we agree 100%. NFT as a collectible is a thing of the past we think. NFTs should be utility drive in the future, holders should be able to benefit from sustainable and unique perks/rewards!

2、Question: In the future, when these large social companies like Twitter get involved in decentralized social media, what impact will they have on the project? And what measures does the project have to resist this?

This is a good question! In fact, some of the conventional social media platforms have spoken out about decentralized social media. Co-founder of Reddit announced a USD $100 million fund with Solana foundation to develop and support web3 decentralized social projects at the Solana Breakpoint Summit 2 weeks ago, which I had the privilege to share my views at a panel and a solo session. To me, this is a validation of our vision, proving that even tradition social media agrees that traditional creator economy needs revolution!

3、Question: IWhat strategies will Only1 use to activate more NFT holders?

Yes, we target not only crypto influencers but conventional influencers too. In order to attract these conventional influencers and their respective audience, we work hard to "Educate" users and ensuring the security of our platform.

4、Question:Would you like to ask, can everyone apply to become the creator of the Only1 platform? Are there any requirements for creators?

Since we are still in Beta, we onboard our creators manually at the moment. BUT as we scale up, we will allow more creators and they will be able to sign up via our platform. As for requirements, we don't have a set of checklist; as long as you have unique and intriguing contents to share, you are the best at what you do, Only1 and our community would love to see you onboard!

5、Question: IWhen will only1 be officially launched?

That's our goal too! We have acquired more and more users each day and our TVL has reached 10m $LIKE, that helps us to test the scalability of the platform. Once a few more social features are launched, we will open the platform to public! We are looking forward to that day too??

6、Question: ICan you tell me if there is any famous kol involved?

Indeed! We have currently onboarded 15 creators, including famous actor Isaak Presley whom you may regconize from the Disney channel, renowed DJ DirtyAudio, TikTok sensation/dancer from LA Tori Wade and Charlize and a few crypto OGs like Boxmining, CryptoRUs, etc.

7、Question: Ihey,how can I join Only1 INO?

Our own INO has concluded I'm afraid! BUT you can buy our INO NFTs the ONES at magic eden. Also, watch up for future INOs!! Coming ones will have staking requirements?

8、Question: IAs an artist, do you think NFT technology plays an educational and guiding role in the artistic outlook of society? How do you see the future of NFTS?

Indeed! I think potential for NFT technology is enormous and many artists have already started exploring the space! Helping them realise and understand the creation & dissemination, tokenomics and utility for NFTs are key areas we focus on in our marketing strategies! And yes! Non crypto-native creators are our target audience too!

9、Question: IWould you like to ask, can everyone apply to become the creator of only1 platform? How much profit can the creator get?

With our Create-to-Earn (C2E) model, the more active you are across social media platforms, you more you earn! To put it in simple text: More active -> Higher APY for your staking pool -> More users stake on your staking pool -> Higher TVL (which you earn a split of)

10、Question: IWhat does only 1 do and what problems does this project mainly solve?

Only1 help creators monetize without third parties via creator staking pools. Our native token and NFTs grant holders unique access to the creators, ability to govern the platform and rewarded for doing so.


Thank you all for your continued support and attention. We will continue to output more high-quality assets and projects. Thank you for your company today.

最后感谢 Leon Lee来到三元社区,希望未来的 Only1  更加强大!

Finally, thanks to Leon Lee Come to Sanyuan Community, hope that the future Only1 will be stronger!