(3) SLP Consumption and How to get more players

        In Last article, I wrote about different play modes of some successful games which Axie Infinity can develop in the future. Today, let’s talk about two big problems for Axie Infinity and the solution.

        Q1. The cost of purchase Axie is high, even three cheap Axies will cost 600 US dollars.

        Q2. The low consumption of SLP and increasing quantity make SLP price keeps falling down.

        For Q1, there is a “rental” solution called "scholarships" , some players provided "scholarships" to lend Axie to others, other players get SLP by playing and pay SLP as rent, this solution makes those players who don’t have enough money to buy Axie get chances to play game! This is really a popular in Axie Infinity game.

        However, this method of getting new players led to an increase of SLP supply, and subsequently, aggravated the second problem. After the price of SLP fell down, it further made new players who want to spend money to buy Axie hesitate.

The following picture (I got from the Internet) depicts SLP supply and the number of Axies as time goes on.

(3) SLP Consumption and How to get more players

        The picture is very close to the current development status of the game SLP economy. So I think that only "scholarship" is not enough, it partially solves the problem of new players but aggravates the problem of SLP price falling down. Therefore, the solution needs to expand.

        I think a suitable way is: new rental module and new rental market. At present, the game market only has a trading module, a rental module needs to be developed. New Players need to buy SLP to pay rent first, and then get the right to use Axies for a period of time, or new players could pay AXS+SLP to obtain breeding times of Axies.

        Axie Infinity team should develop a rental module in the Ronin wallet which based on the Ethereum side chain, formulate rental agreements, ensure safety and open rental market. The uniqueness of NFT and its blockchain-based technology ensure the traceability of Axie and other NFTs. Blockchain Electronic contract has been used in many products in real life, and it will also be applicable to Axie Infinity. This rental module will provide opportunities to new players , bring new demand and new consumption for SLP and AXS.

(3) SLP Consumption and How to get more players

        Those who thought buy NFTs is high risk but are full of curiosity, could rent several Axies with a cost of few hundred SLPs to play different modules , maybe some people will give up playing, maybe some will stay and continue to rent, others will continue playing and buy their own Axies.

        With the improvement of the NFT rental modules in the game, new demand of SLP and AXS consumption comes, the price will stop falling down.

If Axie rent is successful, then the Lunacian land rent and shop rent will also be available for rent , that will further stimulate Axie pets lands other resource demands.

        As for the time of rent contract, I suggest in days, (51030 days). For single or multiple Axies use contracts, the payment should be at least 150 SLP, 60% rent to the Axie owner, the other 40% to the market or to destroy that depends on different situations.

        By renting NFT and rental contracts based on blockchain technology, Axie owners will get new way to earn, and it will also give new players to have a try and stop SLP and AXS price goes down. By using rental contract through Ronin Wallet, players will have the opportunity to "make money by rent". Isn't this great and feasible?

        Perhaps commentators will say this rent way is not available now, so it is not a solution. However, there are so many things in the world now which didn’t exist in the past! There is a saying in the book《Three Body》 :  "weakness and ignorance are not obstacles to survival, but arrogance is".

(3) SLP Consumption and How to get more players

        When Axie Infinity capitalizes the game, make Game NFTs tradable, and is willing to share the benefits with players. People should think as a hot game, why its content or its mode is attractive. Unfortunately , it is seen as a financial scam by commentators.

        People should also think about whether Game NFTs can bring benefits to players in the future, and stimulate the players with enthusiasm and hope to make different games lively.

        Unfortunately, I only see that people think they should spend money when playing games because they used to. Only game company can earn money.

        The side chain wallet Ronin wallet solves the problem of excessive gas fees in Ethereum. Improving rental module can also solve the problem of insufficient consumption of SLP and AXS. For what reason, things didn’t exist in the past can’t be available in the future? Why it is impossible for both game companies and players to earn ?

        Perhaps, in this world, many commentators are not willing to admit that they are not good at innovation and thinking, but they are willing to actively pick faults on new things. They do not have the ability and opportunity to innovate, nor will they have ability to provide positive opinions on new things or propose solutions to new things’ problems, but they will be willing to list a lot of "evidence" they know in their articles to prove that they are very smart and very "powerful"? This situation is very common and indeed very funny!

        If owning a game NFT can share the value-added brought by the popularity of the game, will this game model prompt many traditional online game companies to make changes in the future?

        Thank you for reading. In the next article, I want to talk about my game experience and my views on some traditional online games.

        Good luck to Axie Infinity!

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